Virtual CIO

Don't let the misnomer mislead you: there's nothing "virtual" about GeauxTech's virtual CIO services. They are as real as the challenges that lead you to call on us for the help. There are times that you literally need an entire IT department but practically speaking, lack the budget and staff to even consider as much. In those moments, consider calling GeauxTech. Or why wait? Call us now and learn how virtual CIO can engage your current staff to tackle anything from day-to-day operational procedures to proactively developing strategies and procedures guaranteed to get the most out of your current network. If all this sounds great to you except for the minor detail that you have no IT staff, we can serve those needs remotely and affordably or staff your IT department with a full time employee.

24/7 HelpDesk

Wouldn't it be nice if your help desk was actually ... helpful? You never expect the IT problems you encounter on a daily basis, but you do expect same-day solutions. Or you should. That's where GeauxTech's 24/7 helpdesk is invaluable. Solutions can begin taking shape just moments after problems have surfaced. Nobody wants help tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a day late. Today, you can click on our our 24/7 Helpdesk Support Page and have access to knowledgable support agents any time, day or night. From hardware, to software, to answers regarding where we are on progress, help desk notes and notifications keep your staff in the know and on the path to a speedy resolution. Speaking of "help," it'd really be helpful to start talking with you today. Again, tomorrow is one day too late.

Healthcare Security & Compliance

At the heart of any network is "work". A network is of no use if it’s not working. That’s why GeauxTech offers Security and Risk Assessment Services. We proactively analyze networks and databases to determine their vulnerabilities and implement the necessary preventative measures. Once risks are assessed, we provide solutions for minor occurrences as well as worst case scenarios. Data loss can cost an organization as much as $380 per record lost, more than twice the cost of the same loss in other industries. So an ounce of prevention often mitigates the need for a cure at all. Our goal is for your network to be secure and limit the possibility of system failures and breaches in security. One quick call to GeauxTech won’t disrupt your day. Data loss will absolutely ruin it.

Network Architecture | Build Out

Making sure everyone plays nice together. Network architecture is the design of a communications network. This requires providing a technology roadmap that allows all components of a client’s specific network needs to work together providing a smooth work environment. At GeauxTech we offer network architecture services to turn your business requirements into a manageable network. We work to design a technical framework that is practical and meets the needs of the organization as a whole, as well as each individual within the organization. Not only can we provide the design of a client’s network, we are also equipped to install the infrastructure. We understand that work must not cease so we strive to make the process easy and invisible. The easiest part is that first call to GeauxTech. We literally take it from there.

Disaster Recovery

If off-site vaulting sounds awesome, it's because it is. GeauxTech offers full off-site vaulting services to fit any and all data storage needs. We understand that data is the backbone of a successful organization. Therefore, securing it is a top priority. We aim to give every client the peace of mind that their information is safe. Vaulting services provide an off-site solution for storing information, guaranteeing that in a worst case scenario, all is not lost. We provide a secure connection to each client which ensures two things: First, that all of the data is encrypted and secure from tampering. Second, that data can be fed back to its source in case of a crisis so you can pick up right where you left off.

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