About Us

Our story is much like your story. We're at home – literally – in small-town America. We didn't just get our start in Jena, Louisiana ... We're still there, helping the people that helped us. People just like those dependent upon you now. While we develop cutting-edge information systems, our core values remain simple and consistent. Sure, we've signed a few contracts in our day but they don't mean anything more than the handshake that went with them.

We continue to forge partnerships with critical access hospitals in rural areas whose mission, values and challenges are not new to us. In fact, they are reflective of our own. In partnering with you, we are motivated by our own rural roots and inspired by your commitment to forging a more successful future for your hospital and the people you serve. We want to serve with you and stand ready to talk to you now.

John Doe

Kurt Girlinghouse

President / CEO

Kurt graduated from LA Tech University in 2003 with a degree in CIS and has been in the IT field since 1999. It’s this abundant knowledge that helped him co-found GeauxTech in 2003. His forward thinking and never say no attitude is what drives GeauxTech to constantly stay ahead of the curve with the technology we provide.

Josh Clark

Jay Paul

President / COO

Jay helped co-found GeauxTech in 2003. His personality and leadership abilities help GeauxTech to constantly improve customer relations and services. Jay’s “always put the customer first” attitude helps GeauxTech constantly evolve and improve their client’s service and experience.

Mary Jane

Scott Griffith

Executive VP

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry that gives him a true understanding of the challenges and solutions for rural healthcare. His focused approach to the challenges of our clients helps improve the end user experience and minimize client frustration.