In the healthcare industry, electronic health records are becoming the standard for hospitals and clinics. When making the decision of what EHR vendor should service this need, hospitals and clinics have several options in vendors from which to choose. However, in recent years we have seen this turn into a rip-and-replace market, due to acquisitions among vendors, and dissatisfaction from clients of their vendors. When a hospital or clinic decides to change EHRs, one of the biggest problems they face is the access they need to maintain to their legacy data, or the data that was stored in their original EHR database. Vendors are finding they have the ability to hold their clients hostage by keeping them in pricey hardware and support contracts just so they can maintain access to their own data!

GeauxTech is proud to introduce Merge-MD as a solution to this problem. Merge-MD is a cloud-based legacy data archiving solution. With virtually no limit on space, we are able to extract all of the data currently being housed in a legacy EHR, and display it efficiently and cleanly in a web-based application. Now, all personnel in a hospital or clinic can securely access the patient data that they need without paying an arm and a leg for it!  Whether the need is for physicians to see historical visits and information like abnormal labs or medications, or the billing department needs to work down their accounts receivable, Merge-MD is this solution.

We know that seeing is believing. If you think that Merge-MD could be a solution for your enterprise, please fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to schedule a demo for you!